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W, for Welcome!elcome to our programmes in England. We are thrilled you are thinking of choosing England as the site of your study abroad experience and are confident you would enjoy the unique challenges and pleasures of negotiating the cultural differences which exist between our countries. We may share (sometimes distantly) a common tongue, but we hope you will discover much that will excite and confuse, delight and challenge. From the rolling hills of Kent to the exciting urban expanse that is London to the quaintness of York, from our much maligned weather to our pub culture – England has it all. No matter what your interests or passions, the staff in the London office are here to aid, abet, mentor and help you achieve the best from your time on the other side of the “pond.” Long may the “Special Relationship” continue.


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GoDoCommunity & Culture with IFSA-Butler

“We Go Places, and We Do Things…”

C&C England and Wales is unlike any course you will ever take. It offers you an opportunity to learn through living differently while studying abroad. Do things that local people do. Go where locals go. Your new culture is an opportunity to learn intercultural skills that employers today see as the mark of strong academic training and being a good team player.

So, let’s go places, and do things! Sign up for your programme’s C&C class, and take your study abroad to a deeper level.

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