28 April 2014 – “Tips for the upcoming exam period!”

With the exam season in full flow we thought we would give you a quick reminder of the differences between the exam processes in Britain and America. British exams aim to test your ability to use the knowledge you have gained during the semester/year. As with essay writing the British system trains students to use their knowledge as concisely and as logically as they are able – skills that will stand you in good stead when you enter the workplace, so practice them now.

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11 Apr 2014 – “Top 5… music venues in London!”

Over the next few months we are going to strive to bring you insider tips to the UK, lists of the best things you must try while here, and other such guides to the country. What better place to start than a quick insight to the best music venues in London?

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8 Apr 2014 – “A travelling reminder…”

A big hello to all of you! I trust that everyone is enjoying their Easter break – while also dreading the exam period for those who are yet to finish. I hope you all had a great time exploring Europe for those of you who managed to go travelling – please send in any photos you would like to be

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11 Mar 2010

Morning all – and what a glorious morning it is! Well the sun is shining here in London so I’ve decided that Spring has sprung (it’ll probably snow now to punish my hubris, but what the hell!!). I hope you are all doing well and are busy planning your Easter holidays. I’ve one word of advice – SOUTH, head south

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